Are supplements just for athletes?

I am often asked, what supplements I take. First, let me say that replicating what one person uses for supplementation may not be 100% applicable to your situation as they may be needing to increase something they are lacking, recover from an injury or illness or simply be trying to achieve something that you aren’t (get massive muscles). However, there are a few things I consider a ‘given’ that many of you should understand, explore and bring into your daily routine.

Let’s also answer the title of this blog……’Are supplements just for athletes’? Well, you have probably already guessed….no, they are not. Let’s also re-frame what an athlete is. Yes, a sporting athlete typically has high physical and mental demands placed on them every day. Whether it’s in training, playing, travelling or recovering. But……are we not all ‘everyday athletes’? We all;

  • Need to sleep well and recover.
  • Manage our stress levels.
  • Fight of sickness to remain functional and focused.
  • Recover from our own physical activity, no matter what the level.
  • Increase longevity.

I have experimented with a myriad of supplements over my journey in business, life, and sports (and yes, all were above board). I like to understand the difference in mental and physical performance when I am on or off a supplement. This is my list of ‘supplements’ which I found to have the most significant effect on my performance and broader wellbeing. I like all business owners need to be focused, energised, rested and well to perform at my best every day. This is NOT going to be achieved by drinking to much alcohol, making poor food choices and retaining high levels of stress. No matter how much education or leadership training you have had, you cannot perform well if you are NOT WELL!

Let me also preface this list by saying that a ‘supplement’ is indeed just that. It is something that you take to SUPPLEMENT good quality food. Food should form the basis of our nutrition and wellbeing strategy (along with sleep), and this is why it is so important to fuel your body with quality, organic where possible, diverse, and non-highly processed foods. So where would I begin;

  • Zinc – Boost your immune system, aids in repair of damaged tissue. Important for normal bone growth, development, and maintenance with 60% of zinc in the body found in skeletal muscle and 30% in bone. Beneficial for digestive and skin health also. (Can be found in red meat, seeds, nuts, cheese, eggs).
  • L-Theanine (amino acid) – Relax & improve sleep, reduces stress & anxiety, boost immune system (green & black tea).
  • Collagen Protein – Build lean muscle, improve skin quality, joint, tendon & bone health (ATP Science link below has an amazing collagen protein, bone broth, berries).
  • Essential Amino Acids (your body cannot produce them) – Building blocks of wellbeing & recovery, improve mood, focus. Building blocks of protein. (ATP Science again, meat, fish).
  • Bone Broth – Collagen production, healthy digestion, boost immune system, improves sleep for some individuals.

There are many more supplements out there….I mean hundreds and hundreds. How I have landed here is that each can be taken for daily performance, recovery, and broader wellbeing. None are specific to a certain type of individual (athlete, gender etc.) Yes, you need to consult your GP to ensure there are no issues with you taking them due to a pre-existing condition or current medication.

However, let me frame it this way for you;

  • I have never had COVID (yes I tested)
  • I have had two minor colds (runny nose) in two years and both I recovered within 3 days
  • I have recovered from minor training injuries in less than 10 days
  • My stress levels have been dramatically lowered (in conjunction with meditation and breath work)
  • I have been told I do not look 42 years old

Supplements are not just for athletes. They are for anyone that wants to be well, feel well, move well, and perform well (at work, home & play)….every day!


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