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Success Through Wellbeing Workshop

It’s time to unlock your potential ???? – “Success Through Wellbeing” – Achieving your values based ‘success’ through a wellbeing aligned lifestyle.

I have worked with amazing businesses across the country delivering this very workshop. Working with CEO’s, COO’s, global partners & directors, business owners, sales leaders & team mangers.

Working with individuals that want to be leaders in their industry. Individuals that want to optimise their performance. Individuals that want to operate at their best every single day! More than just this, each person knows that career is incredibly important, but so is ‘self’.

No longer wanting to be stressed, tired, feeling burnt out, unclear on personal goals and drivers. Each individual is passionate about being the best, the happiest, the healthiest and motivated version of themselves they can be. It all starts with THIS WORKSHOP!

You will be setting new meaningful goals. Given the tools to actually achieve those goals. Address the four key pillars to success:

✔ Nutrition

✔ Movement

✔ Mindset (Deep dive stress, meditation, breath work)

✔ Environment

This workshop is a deep exploration of self, of wellbeing and is transformative.

***** EARLY BIRD**** Purchase your ticket before the end of December 2023 and receive a $110 discount per ticket

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