Corporate Workshops

Tired of corporate wellness workshops where someone tells you to be more active and to avoid cigarettes and Coke? Me too.

A John Purl corporate workshop is different.

With me, you’ll experience a full day that begins with candid self-reflection then moves into exploring the four pillars of success: Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, and Environment. From there, we set realistic action points towards clear goals with an emotional attachment for real change.

Fun, interactive and filled with amazing tools and resources, I ensure every attendee is empowered to make a positive difference.

Who is a corporate workshop for?
  • The C-suite / executives
  • Leadership teams
  • Sales teams
  • Small teams (5 – 25 attendees)
I explore:
  • Understanding your true self
  • Understanding what drives you and what inspires you to succeed
  • Becoming clear on what ‘success’ means to you
  • Understanding clearly your core values and passions
To do this I address four key areas:
  • Career / business
  • Stresses / roadblocks
  • Health / fitness
  • Personal / family


“Following a successful brand relaunch, we felt the need to similarly reinvigorate our team so invited John to deliver a corporate workshop. For a full day, John kept us engaged. Anything but dull, he left us inspired and charged to find success individually and as a team.”

– Argon

Creating driven, focused and healthy business leaders.

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