Don’t waste another 12 months!

How many times have you asked someone, what have they have been up to, or “so….what’s been going on”. Only to be given the response of, “oh, not much really”.


Ok, maybe a little harsh, but it’s the truth. 12 months can fly by and nothing has been achieved. Had no experiences, no fun, no laughter, no growth. Well, it’s often not the persons fault……they have just not been exposed to what I am going to give you insight to for….FREE!

Build your 12 month’s with purpose and structure. The first thing I am going to need you to do is purchase a 12 month wall planner. The big cardboard sheets that have all 365 days laid out. Then, you need 5 different coloured sticky notes. You are going to use the sticky notes in the following way:

  1. Red = BIG & BOLD (the one big thing you are going to do. Launch a business, sell a business, run a marathon, get a dog etc. etc.)
  2. Green – Mini Adventures (every 8 weeks, do something you would not normally do. Run, go fishing, go surfing, go camping with the kids, do a cooking class, ski trip, go to a concert or a retreat. Part of a day or up to 2 days of a weekend). This is 6 adventures each year) 
  3. Yellow – Highlights (impactful things throughout the year that you want to remember. Weddings, podcast launch, family trips. Note them as you lock them in, or as they happen. Can overlap with Mini Adventures)
  4. Blue – Business (track your key dates or moments in business. Key client acquisition. A big win. Team event that was a success etc.)
  5. Purple – Personal (Discretion: workouts that stood out or events. Date nights. Birthdays)

Use post-its as this allows you to move things if needed.

Think of 20 years time:

  • 20 amazing Big & Bold events or adventures
  • 120 Mini Adventures

Now…..when someone says, “so…..what have you been up to?”. What are you going to say?


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