Positive self-talk. How much of an impact can it really have?

Do you have a tendency to talk down to yourself? Do you default to the negative?

Whether it stems from an upbringing of being talked negatively to or put down. Or, perhaps from being surrounded by people today that are negative, lack inspiration and motivation or simply fail to find things to be grateful for, negative self-talk WILL alter your course and direction in life. I am yet to meet with a successful (in my eyes) business owner that is negative and unhappy. Can we be happy all the time? No, but, if we practice re-framing things and practice positive self-talk, then good things will come. But what exactly.

  1. Improved self-confidence: You boost your self esteem and feel more capable of achieving a task or challenge.
  2. Reduced stress & anxiety: This calming voice in your head will help you feel more in control of your emotions. Controlling your emotions will improve your mental health.
  3. Improved performance: Being positive will boost your motivation and focus. Sports, work, even relationships require a level of performance, energy, and focus.
  4. Increased optimism: Being positive simply makes you more optimistic. Being more optimistic helps in facing and bouncing back from difficult situations.
  5. Improved relationships: When you practice positive self-talk you feel good about yourself, you are more grateful and you become happier. People want to be surrounded by happy and positive people. Stronger connections with others, comes from their attraction to your attitude and energy.

If you want to improve your output, increase performance, strengthen relationships, form new relationships, and attract ‘successful’ people into your world. Start practicing more positive self-talk. A great way to build this into your routine is to start a daily gratitude journal. What are you grateful for today, how will you help someone else and what are your intentions for the day.


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