Why is a healthy lifestyle so important to career & business success?

If you run your own business, you may be familiar with these concerns:

  • High levels of stress in your team/business leading to decreased productivity
  • This high level of stress leading to absenteeism and even burnout
  • If the industry has manual labor, there is an increased risk of workplace injury
  • The team members having to leave work long term to get well again which means team turnover, downtime, reduced revenue and re-hiring costs
  • With the constant changes in team members, culture is impacted and potentially even the business brand in the market place

So….as a business leader or owner how do you avoid all of this?

  1. Check in – How are they feeling? What are their stresses (inside & outside work)?
  2. Provide the team with the tools and resources to address and improve their mental and physical health
  3. Build a culture that is invested in team wellbeing
  4. Help your team understand the importance of: Nutrition – Movement – Mindset – Environment. What they eat, when they eat & how they eat. The benefits of daily movement and resulting energy uplift. The power of meditation, breath work and having gratitude for even the smallest things. Finally, the environment. The physical space they operate in (at home or at work), the team culture and even the social circles they keep.
  5. Lead by example. As a senior executive or business owner, your team looks to you for support, guidance and inspiration. If YOU are not functioning at your best. If you are stressed and unwell, the team will see this and question your ability to lead effectively.
  6. Most importantly of all, be genuine. Do not undertake this to ‘tick the box’

If this seems like a lot to address, especially when you are a busy running a team or a business, then fear not, this is where I can assist. Running a presentation for your business will open their thinking to addressing these areas as well as providing them with the tools to start implementing change. Running a full day workshop will deep dive this with a smaller group (ideal for your sales team, leadership group or C suite). Unpack their personal and professional stresses and build in routines that support them as well as developing individual goals that drive their ‘success’ mindset.

Do not wait until, “the diary frees up”, “next financial year”, “things slow down a little” or “once we wrap up this one big job”. There is always a reason to NOT do the hard things, but it’s a commitment to these things that enable growth, productivity, profitability and an uplift in culture.

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