Travelling for work? Stop using it as an excuse to get fat!

Ok…..maybe the title was pretty harsh. A little ‘click baitish’, but the point of this blog is to be quite honest and raw. I work with some amazing business owners and people in demanding professional roles. With their roles, often comes the need to travel. Travel both domestically and internationally. These individuals have all been on their own journey of health and wellbeing. Some battling the routine of consuming excessive alcohol, some with binge eating, some with finding stress just too much to manage. They have all made such amazing changes in their lives and are all living lifestyles that support their demanding days and hectic lives.

So…..when I speak with people on planes, in the airport or just out and about, and they say, ‘oh, when I travel it’s just impossible to not pack on the kilos. It is too hard to eat well when you travel for work’. All I can do is roll my eyes (insert eye roll here) and sigh. But, maybe I am being to harsh, maybe these people have just not been given the support they need, the education, the tools and resources? Maybe they don’t have the right network of people around them?

So….instead of just moaning about it, I want to give you a real-life example of how you can improve your health/nutrition when on the road. A real-life example as I have just spent 10 out of the last 14 days on the road. In previous blogs I have written about wellbeing whilst traveling….how to keep moving and maintain good sleep. Today, is a snapshot of what you CAN do to eat well whilst travelling.

Unless your travel is to the most remote parts of the world, where finding a supermarket is just not possible, then I would suggest you can do this. Make time to head to a supermarket and get some basic supplies. Every hotel or apartment comes with a fridge and often cooking facilities. The photo attached here is from a shop I recently did whilst travelling to Brisbane and Sydney (took the leftovers to Sydney with me).

  • Carve out 30 – 45 minutes of day one, to head to a supermarket. This small amount of time will not only save you money compared to eating out, room service or Uber eats, but will enable you to purchase some clean and healthy food options.
  • The food I am about to list was based on a room with nothing more than a fridge and a microwave. So what did I buy (based on my way of eating):
    1. Natural Greek yoghurt
    2. Almond butter
    3. Coconut milk
    4. 90% dark chocolate
    5. Blueberries
    6. Strawberries
    7. Chia seeds
    8. Tuna
    9. Cherry tomatoes
    10. Spinach leaves
    11. 2 types of raw nuts
    12. Pate’
    13. Mini cucumbers
    14. 3 x ATP Science Collagen Protein Bars (link:
    15. Wanted avocado but they were rock hard

Ok….there is a lot here, but it cost me around $60. For $60 I will be able to make, one dinner, two breakfast and have snacks for throughout the days.

Now if you have cooking facilities, then you could add and include anything really…..examples being, eggs, meat veggies.

The alternative is to head to a local pub, café, room service or Uber eats. Some of these options are better than others, but the temptation by so many is to get the burger, the chips, the parma (parmi), big bowls of pasta, a few beers or wines etc. For the small investment of 30 – 45 minutes I have all the food I need to compliment my planned meals with clients.

And….when you are out with clients, ‘dial it up’. Again, for $4 – $10 more, opt for the steak, the fish, the chicken, the grilled or steamed veggies. Avoid the deserts and sweet treats.

Not only do you need to focus on your health, but remember, you are traveling for work and need to be on the ball. Eating well, moving, and consuming a good volume of water will ensure you are operating at your peak, getting the most out of your trip and delivering the best possible standard of work to your clients.


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