Traveling without getting sick – A deep dive

Travelling overseas typically means people get sick, so here are my recommendations to keep up with your wellbeing. It may look like a lot, but it really isn’t. It’s more about being self-aware.

  1. Make up a wellbeing kit. If you can adopt these tools/tips, you will manage your energy, immune system and sleep so much better:
    1. Zinc (2 x a day) – Unless dosage says otherwise
    2. Magnesium at night time
    3. Greens powder sachets to top up the missing minerals
    4. Lavender oil. Great for sleep, relaxation and also use it on bites (mosquito, spider etc.)
    5. Eye mask to wear at night if the room is not dark enough (will likely be given one on the plane)
    6. Ear plugs to ensure no night time noise keeps you awake (will likely be given one on the plane)
  2. You will be doing lots of walking and that is great. Movement and Vitamin D. I would however make an effort to get up early on the days you feel you had sufficient sleep and go to the hotel gym. If only for 30 minutes. I would do some basic weight training. Cable machines, dumbbell bench, KB work. Whatever is in your wheelhouse. Just keep moving and add some weight in. Do not feel you need to stick to your typical routine. Go when the body feels ok and when it will not disrupt family plans/time. Even if it is a later night session. Aim for 3 times a week.
  3. This goes without saying but watch the food and alcohol. It’s easy to let the flood gates open and consume the food you would not normally and to slip into poor alcohol consumption habits. This is where people’s weight blows out, they become ill and they have travel food regrets when they get home. You MUST enjoy yourself but be mindful of over doing it. Breakfasts are an easy way to get the day right. Eggs, fats, proteins and greens (my preference). Avoid those breads, cereals, muesli and pastries. Just take a moment to think before ordering your meal and remember to dial it up where possible. Get the fish, the meats and the cleaner options. But YES, enjoy a pizza…just don’t let the flood gates open.
  4. Circadian rhythm. Jet lag sucks!!! So, get your energy aligned with your new destinations. It sounds woo woo wah wah, but it makes a difference. As soon as you land in a new place, especially stop #1, get outside, get your shoes off….stand on the grass. Go to a beach and walk on the sand or swim. At a minimum, get in an outdoor hotel pool. Ground yourself once you land. Also, get up and get that morning sunlight each day where possible. Game changer!
  5. Keep a journal. Each night, or when you feel you want to note things down…..write a travel diary and include your daily gratitude.

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