Slow down aging by living a youthful life

Ok…I am going to pump my own tires up a bit here. I am 42 years old. I have three children. I spent 18 years working in a stressful industry and 8 years of that I ran my own business. However, I constantly get told that I do not look my age. Most people think I am early 30’s. Thank you to those people….HA!

Now, there is some genetics in this equation for sure. So thank you to the cells that formed me 42 years ago. However, hearing multiple people say this to me now has got me thinking. Does it have something to do with ‘lifestyle’? Well, my answer is 100% yes! Now, let’s put a line through the obvious things that will age you terribly:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive drinking
  • Drugs
  • Un-managed high levels of stress
  • Poor food choices/nutrition

I feel like the community of people reading this (please share this article with any one you feel would benefit), are switched on enough to acknowledge and understand the negative impacts of the lifestyle/habits/choices noted above. So, let’s think outside the square.

I have done some independent research with people around me and those I connect with in my travels. Here is my conclusion. If you live a lifestyle that is surrendering to your age, you will physically and mentally represent this decision. Likewise, if you live a life that embraces the joys and benefits of a youthful life, you will physically and mentally represent that decision. If you believe you are old, broken, tired, out of touch, middle age, weak, unfit, forgetful etc. Then, guess what….you will be. If you immerse yourself in experiences and a lifestyle that does not even have this on its radar, then you will reflect this headspace. Our brain is a VERY powerful tool. It has the ability to control how we look, how we move, how we think.

So what does my lifestyle look like?

  • Sunshine: Summer or Winter – I am outside and embracing the benefits of Vitamin D. (In a sun smart way). Not just sunbaking, but training, walking, swimming, stretching at first light.
  • Clean eating: Yes, I enjoy a burger now and again. But, the daily structure of my eating is very clean. I focus on fats, greens and proteins. I eat good quality meats and organic fruit and veg where possible. I believe in intermittent fasting 3 – 4 times a week (based on my lifestyle).
  • Alcohol: I drank a lot in my 20’s. A LOT! But now I would average 1 drink a week. Red wine or vodka. Again, this is a personal choice.
  • Regular movement: I enjoy my training. It is my mindfulness time and the time where I can be by myself. When I train I train like I did 10 -15 years ago. I continue to lift heavy, train hard, run and ride. I keep it diverse, but I push it hard. However, I do focus more on recovery at 42 than I did when I was 21. Sauna, stretch, massage, chiro. I also love to train with people who are younger than me and better than me. This keeps me pushing!
  • Do things I used to enjoy: What is stopping you doing the things you enjoyed when you were younger. Have fun and re-live your youth. I love to get back out in the surf, jump on a skateboard if there is one laying around. Have fun with it.
  • Be active with my children: I am not going to be an inactive parent. I love running, riding, playing, chasing, being silly with my kids. They make me smile, we have fun, and it keeps me moving and mobile.
  • Music choices: I love lots of styles of music, but what puts a smile on my dial and brings back amazing memories, is listening to punk rock from the late 90’s. Jumping around, singing along and training to music I loved when I was 16 years old.
  • Travel & experiences: Travel destinations may change, and the activities are typically family focused now, but I love that. However, the key for me is to keep doing it. Have new experiences, meet new people, experience different cultures.

Age is genuinely just a number. It means very little if you take care of your mind, your body and your soul. Don’t let people around you influence how you feel, look, or act. Live your best life, your most fun life and reverse your aging!


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