Keep your immune system strong, winter is on its way!

Being sick (colds & flus) is never fun at the best of times. Not to mention the down time and lost productivity at work and in business. Worse still, so many continue to work through sickness slowing the recovery and potentially making others unwell which equals further decreases in productivity and output in the business.

So lets explore 5 key ways to avoid sickness and subsequent down time:


Sugar is bad for you we all know that (please tell me you knew that??). Highly addictive and a contributing factor to weight gain, sugar comes with very few benefits if any (in processed form). If you are going to consume sugar, look to places like whole fruit (not fruit juice), honey and even alternatives like Stevia. A little bit is ok, but excess can destroy your immunity.


Too much sodium in the diet on a daily basis can lead to autoimmune diseases and is a common contributor to the rising incidence of many diseases. Salt is good for the body as it needs it to function. Seek out Himalayan Rock Salt or Celtic Sea Salt. Something high in minerals. Avoid processed foods with added salt.


Zinc plays numerous roles throughout the body. We need to ingest it daily to keep our health-boosting zinc levels in check. Zinc is an amazingly beneficial nutrient for the immune system. Look for a simple to take daily supplement as well as foods that are high in Zinc such as oats, oysters, spinach. Guys, we don’t have the greatest immune system to start with, so focus on this.


Stress can take many forms: emotional, physical and financial as an example. But stress is stress. It can be good as it helps us up our performance. Work harder, run faster, push further. BUT prolonged periods of stress are BAD! Ongoing stressors in your day can wreak havoc on your body and your immune system. Sitting down and taking stock of life’s challenges and what makes us happy is important to minimise bad stress when possible and aim to maximise good stress or relaxation time. Try meditation and journaling each day. Want a JP Coaching notebook to start your journaling journey? Just message me and I will send you one for FREE!


The sun (vitamin D) gives us life and energy each day. However, excessive exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer (again, I hope you are aware of this). Vitamin D, which is essential for our bodies and immune systems, is made from cholesterol when the UV rays from the sun hit our skin directly. Research has found that vitamin D is a key nutrient for the immune system so if you want to avoid the sun (which I don’t recommend, but I recommend being sun smart), it is worth ensuring you are eating (e.g. fish and liver) or supplementing your vitamin D.


Zone 2 training, low intensity, building that mitochondrial health

Zone 2 training, which is generally characterised by moderate-intensity exercise performed at a steady state, may be particularly beneficial for immune system function. This is because this type of exercise is less likely to cause excessive stress on the body, which can temporarily suppress immune function.

Zone 2 training typically involves exercising at moderate intensity for longer periods of time and has been shown to promote the growth and density of mitochondria within cells. This is because the sustained moderate-intensity exercise stresses the cells in a way that signals them to produce more mitochondria to meet the increased energy demands of the exercise.

In addition to promoting mitochondrial biogenesis (the creation of new mitochondria), zone 2 training has also been shown to improve mitochondrial function in other ways. For example, it can increase the efficiency of mitochondrial energy production, improve the ability of mitochondria to use oxygen, and enhance the ability of cells to utilize fat as an energy source.


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