Who you need in your corner in 2024 to become successful

Whether you are starting a business, wanting to climb the corporate ladder or improve your health and wellbeing, there are a few key people you need to invest in this year, to give yourself the best chance of ‘success’. I have always understood the importance of having people working with along any journey. But…..have I invested in them? NO! I was always reluctant to spend the money. I could not conceptualise the ROI (Return On Investment) for the outlay of cash. How could spending $500, $1,000, $5,000 or event $10,000 generate me more money? This was my first issue….I would only ever think about ROI being money. But what about time, health, and happiness? Don’t get me wrong, all these investments will in turn provide you the opportunity to increase cashflow (directly or indirectly) but neglecting the other areas of opportunity was holding me back from making the investment.

So, over my nearly 20 years working in wealth advice, running my own firm, starting a second business, and now working with some of the most successful people in the country, what have I learnt about investing in PEOPLE to support you? Here are some of the key people you need to consider if you want to grow and flourish in 2024 and beyond:

  1. Coach: How could I not put this at the top of the list. Having someone who is living the lifestyle you wish to achieve is critical. Someone that resonates with you and your journey. If you are running a business and want to flourish in this world, you need to work with someone that has experienced this and understands the demands and pressures. Someone who has the tools, the time and the passion to help you. Never work with someone that is volume focused.
  2. Accountant: All though many profess to know it all and think, ‘I’ve got this’….we don’t! Whether it is your personal tax situation or the leap into self employment. Accounting is complex, time consuming and a detractor away from work or personal life. You need to understand the ideas and concepts, but outsource the responsibility to someone (and their team) who can guide and support you professionally and financially.
  3. Personal Trainer/Community Gym: Fitness is not everyone’s love. Ok, it may be mine and therefore finding motivation for me is quite easy. But not everyone has this mindset. Invest in a person or a group that will hold you accountable. Moving every day for 30 minuets is critical to not only broader wellbeing, but fitness builds your strength and resilience.
  4. Marketing/Design: If you are wanting to launch a business or sky rocket your personal brand then invest in messaging and imagery that supports the ambition. Yes, in the early days of starting a business you often need to start lean and use websites like Fiverr. However, when cashflow permits invest in professional branding. It will not only set you apart from others, but will convey more professionally your message or product.
  5. Personal Development/Retreats: This was a classic, “what is the ROI here” discussion I would have with myself. However, evidence has proven time and time again that being challenged, learning new methods, gaining more tools and resources and surrounding myself with inspirational and motivational people pays off 10X (as the old marketing slogan says…10X your LIFE), but it’s true.

There are several more that I could unpack so please reach out to me direct and we can explore. If you would like introductions to any of the above, please let me know and I can happily bring you into my own personal community.


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