Top three ways to do better in business in 2024?

2023 is coming to a close. I know I know…..blink and it’s Christmas. In business start-up phase this time of year can be really stressful. You just feel like you are building momentum and then everyone slows down or shuts down until late January or even early February. This is almost two months out of twelve in slow to no trading time. ????

So what is in your control? Well, we cannot force people to do business. In fact, pressuring people because of our own needs or demands can be brand damaging. So what should you do during this festive break, to help build early momentum in 2024? Here are my top three ways to kick off 2024 with a bang!

  1. Make time for re-connecting with people. Three categories here:
    1. COI’s (Centers Of Influence) – These are the people that provide you or your business with new opportunities (new clients or sales). Grab a coffee, grab a lunch, or simply pick up the phone and say “G-Day, and have a healthy and safe festive season”. Relationships are the backbone of success in any business (in my view). So, nurture them, respect them and ensure they are genuine.
    2. Existing clients – Again, it’s about building on genuine relationships. Checking in, saying hi and wishing them a happy festive season. Let them know you are there for them now and into the new year. Not every call needs to be a sales call.
    3. Friends & family – Lets be honest, if we have been busy, we may have neglected spending meaningful time with our friends and family. Check back in, tell them you love them and spend time with everyone that supports, loves, encourages, and motivates you (your circle of influence).
  2. Set your goals for 2024: This is something I have outlined in the past and something I work very closely on with my coaching clients. Setting clear goals for 2024 is hugely important. Goals that are SMMART (what!!!) Specific – Measurable – Meaningful – Attainable – Realistic – Timely. Set your intentions, be clear on the steps to achieve them and ensure you have a ‘why’ for every goal you set. And again…..stick to 3 – 5 goals and ensure you have a blend of personal and professional.
  3. Work on your product or service: We all have room to improve. If you think you or your product are perfect, think again! Use this quiet time to refine, re-make, review so that when you go back out to market in early 2024, you can be confident you have the best possible offering at that point in time. As always……do this throughout the year. This is not like a new years resolution.

So if making 2024 the best year yet is something that sounds good to you, then start working on it NOW!!!


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