One simple rule of success

So, you want to be ‘successful’? Great! What does that even mean?

Don’t ask me!

What I mean by this is, don’t ask me what I believe success means, because this may not be relevant, appropriate or meaningful for you. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make as we start the coaching journey is that no thought has been put into what their end goal is, or what success looks like. Instead, they create a vision of success based off those around them. So many are influenced by:

  • Social media
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Colleagues
  • Business partners
  • ‘Industry norms’

DANGER DANGER!!!! Putting in place a strategy to achieve an outcome that is meaningless is dangerous. When you achieve this outcome, this idea of success, you will likely feel no joy, no reward, no happiness, because upon reflection, it means nothing to you. Aligning an income, a title, a car, a house, a level of fitness, holiday plans etc. to the goals of those around you is fraught with danger. (Check out a recent YouTube video I did on this very topic).

  1. Be clear on what your idea of success is. Attach a meaning to it. Attach emotion to it. Attach a why.
  2. To help the process of understanding this idea of success, undertake some self-reflection. Allocate time to truly reflect upon what you are aiming to achieve and why.
  3. To do this: Daily meditation – This will allow you to clear the mind, be present and enable creativity to flow.
  4. To do this: Take a staycation – Take time away from distractions by yourself (perhaps a night in a hotel) to have time to think, reflect, document and plan.

Success is a broad term and something that is personal to everyone. Swim your own race, don’t be distracted by those around you….and just ‘do you’!


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