How to STOP living a boring life

Have you ever been asked this question, “So…..what have you been up to lately?”. And, your response is the most boring and common response, “Oh… know……not much……um…, kids stuff, oh I got a new TV….yeah, just work and stuff…..not much.”. OMG!!!!! BORING!

Well, worry not, that was me for such a long time. Let’s be honest, it is most of us. We live boring lives. A scary thought…..if you are 40 years old, you probably only have 44 summers left. If you are 60, you probably have about 24 summers left. Scarier…..if you have a 10 year old child, you have about 8 more summers with them until they are too busy to hang out. Life flies by, and what I learnt from the passing of my Dad last year, was you need to make the most of every opportunity.

I am going to give you SOME of the structure I use with my coaching clients, without giving all my secrets away. Here are two things you can do, to start living your life and stop being the boring person.

  1. Every year commit to doing something big and bold: This could be a Grand Prix overseas (this may be mine ????), it could be to run a marathon, to travel somewhere new, to go skydiving. The big and bold will look different to everyone. Every 12 months, commit to doing something BIG and something BOLD and something FUN!
  2. Every eight weeks (six in a year), have a mini adventure: It can be an entire weekend, it can be one day, it can be one night. The key is doing something you would not ordinarily do. E.g. take a cooking class, go fishing with the kids, go skating, try a painting class. Have fun, do something new or something you used to enjoy when you were younger.

What is vital to the success of this, is that you do not just make notes in your phone or laptop calendar. I want you to buy a physical wall planner and note these events in a separate color texta or sticky note. E.g. Red for the big and bold and green for the mini adventure.

When we then reflect back over the last ten years, you can say you did 10 amazing, big & bold things and you had sixty mini adventures.

So STOP being boring. Make the commitment to doing fun things!


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