How to Easily Set Goals & Achieve Them

Goal setting is something that I struggled with for years. I never had a process, nor did I know how to stick to it when I thought I did have a process. Yet, setting goals, both personally and professionally is one of the most important components of growth and achieving ‘success’. I now have a very simple process that I use myself and that I use with all my coaching clients….and I am going to walk you through it right now!

Firstly, set up an Excel spreadsheet that is specifically for goal setting and personal growth. I like to use one document (with multiple tabs) for all the areas we address in coaching such as goal setting, values and passions, daily routines and tracking our food (food diary).

The first title is ‘category’: – Here, we allocate a category for the specific goal. PAUSE! How many goals do we want? Ideally 3, and no more than 5. As we break past 3 the volume of tasks can become overwhelming and nothing gets executed or executed well. We also want 3 different goals across 3 different categories, ideally. These goals are your medium-term goals. That is, >3 months in duration and <12 months in duration.








The next title is ‘goal’: – What is the actual goal. Be incredibly specific and stick to the SMMART structure. No, this is not a typo. The extra ‘M’ is for meaningful. If the goal is not meaningful then you are unlikely to withstand any challenges faced, instead opting to alter the goal and back out altogether. If there is meaning (emotion) linked to each goal, your resilience is higher, and the reward is greater, more special, more meaningful!


The next title is ‘’why?’: – Here you need to elaborate on your why…the reason you want to achieve this goal. Again, linking emotion and drive to achieving an outcome. Being specific and reflective. E.g. I want to lose 20kg of body weight by 1st of November 2024 because I last weighed this when I was 32 years old, and I was happier, more outgoing and a better partner. To achieve it now also means I will be a more active parent like my parents were with me.


The next title is ‘required steps’: – Be very literal here and again, attach dates where you can. We are trying to build out a timeline to follow. Even the smallest step should be entered. Using the example above, the first two steps may be as simple as, 1) Buy new gym shoes from Nike by the 1st of April 2024. Step 2) Join the XXXX gym by the 2nd of April 2024. This area you reverse engineer all you need to do to execute the goal noted above.

Required steps:

The next title is ‘when achieved’: – Here we celebrate the win! Note the day the goal was achieved and celebrate its achievement. You need to decide what this celebration is, but the key is to mark the occasion. In life we move onto the next thing so quickly, forgetting to smell the roses and be present. STOP, enjoy the spoils of your hard work.

When achieved?

What is the BIG KEY??? You need to review each goal every month. However, I do not want you to have to rely on your memory. Set a calendar reminder for either the 1st day of the month, the middle of the month or the last day of the month, to go back into the spreadsheet and update and amend. Can goals change? Yes! I have found that either they lose their attraction as your situation changes, or they can no longer be achieved due to circumstances outside of your control. E.g. a marathon being cancelled due to fire risk, or you have a serious injury.

Now go and set up your spreadsheet and get planning!


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