Adopt a holiday mindset & unlock your happiness

This was something I noticed about myself when I was last on holiday. Something I used to be guilty of, but now try (not every day is perfect) to practice every day. This ONE simple shift in mindset will make you:

  • Less anxious
  • Less stressed
  • More grateful
  • More positive
  • More engaging
  • More attractive (to have a conversation with that is)
  • More fun to be around

Sound to good to be true? Thinking there is a catch? Well, there isn’t. So what am I talking about and how can you practice this right now.

Let’s reflect upon a normal day in your life. You wake up, get your day started, drive to work or get on public transport, bury your head in your phone, get to work, grab a coffee, start working, head out for lunch to the same place you always go to, you check your phone on the walk there, maybe grab another coffee, back to work, finish work, back in your car or public transport, head buried in your phone, home, family time, phone time again, sleep.

Does that run down sound about right? It was my life for so many years. Very isolating, very repetitive, low engagement with others, no reflection or gratitude…pretty mundane.

But…..then I headed on holiday. What happened once I get on the plane. My mindset completely shifted because of the excitement of going on holiday. I noticed that my attitude to life would totally change:

  • I would talk with complete strangers. Passengers, airline staff, guests at the hotel, people in the street.
  • I was smiling all the time. A smile is so engaging and makes you approachable.
  • I would try new things. New foods, new experiences, new restaurants.
  • I would make time for play and fun.
  • I would be happier and more social.

So what had changed? For me, it was the excitement of being on holiday and the feeling of not caring what others thought. ‘Carefree’. Why? “I am never going to see these people again my life so who cares”. That attitude enabled me to enjoy life more as I did not fear judgement. Interesting! So what was stopping me from applying & living that philosophy in my every day life? NOTHING! I returned home and started living my every day, like I was on holiday, ‘the holiday mindset’. I noticed something. I was engaging with more people, attracting conversations because I was positive, happy, and upbeat. I was trying new things. I was wearing what I wanted and that made me feel relaxed.

Incredible! So if you notice your every day seems very similar to how mine used to be, I encourage you to tap into your, ‘holiday mindset’. A truly unimaginable change will occur.


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