Busy and stressed? Discover work-life success.

Professional, personal, family, and financial success isn’t out of reach.

  • Identify your goals
  • Better manage stress
  • Create healthy routines
  • Build a lifestyle that supports your unique journey
  • Receive guidance and support
  • Achieve 'success' through mentoring and accountability

I understand what burnout, stress, and poor work-life balance can do to a person.

It’s why, with over 18 years in finance and business as well as a lifetime of experience to draw on—including being a breadwinner and a dad and juggling the demands of both, I help busy business owners establish healthy routines for growth and success. I hold them accountable so they don’t fall back on old habits and can instead accomplish their goals at work and home.

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Success through wellbeing. Wellbeing through accountability.

By taking a holistic approach to work-life success, I normalise vague concepts like ‘wellness’ and present them in a way that’s easy to understand and achievable for busy and stressed business owners. And by holding them accountable, I help them reach their goals.

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I’ll guide you on the journey to becoming the happiest, healthiest and best version of yourself.

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Hear what my clients are saying.

Working with JP has been a game-changer! His personalized approach, holistic guidance & unwavering support has not only helped to change my mindset, but also transformed many aspects of my life. JP’s sessions are motivating, well-structured & tailored to my needs. Excellent communication, empathy, understanding & a genuine commitment to wellbeing makes JP stand out. I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed. I would highly recommended JP to anyone ready to make positive, lasting changes to achieve success and importantly balance in all facets of their life.

Mike Davis - Business Owner - Chiropractor

Phil Hoffmann Travel had the pleasure of hosting John Purl as our headline speaker for our company conference to over 100 of our team members. Wow, is all I can say! The team were inspired, and minds and hearts were opened, as real change was made for the benefit of success through wellbeing. I couldn’t recommend John highly enough – his passion, knowledge and humility was a game changer, and we look forward to working with him in the future!

Phil Hoffmann Travel

My coaching journey with John has been a transformative experience. His infectious enthusiasm and passion was a huge influencing factor, and at the same time having him in my corner has made a huge difference while we explored my personal and business affairs. It was challenging and confronting at the best of times, but rewarding to work through and recalibrate my daily habits, intentions and goals. I can proudly say that the last 6 months has been a game-changer for my future endeavors.

Will Vuong - Business Owner - Counsellor

The 6 months coaching program with John has helped me in getting further clarity of my goals and connect my daily actions to achieve these goals. While I was living a fairly healthy lifestyle, I felt the need to change some habits to improve my mental and physical health further. Through the workshops John helped me identify these habits and kept me accountable until they are now fully embedded. This had definitely helped me with a much improved ‘foundation’ which helps me deal with life’s challenges. I like the holistic approach – family, health, financial and professional development.

Allan Morichaud - Business founder and owner

Working with JP over the last 6 months has been a once in a lifetime opportunity to reflect, confirm my values, life goals and dreams. His program is holistic and thoroughly enjoyable. Like nothing I’ve come across before.
After recently graduating from the program, JP kept me accountable and helped me develop new habits that will be the foundation for me to achieve my short, medium and long term goals.

Nick Kervin, CEO

New routines for a new you.

As your work-life success guide, I address your wellness needs holistically and develop a bespoke action plan just for you—and hold you accountable to your goals so you succeed.

Let's Work Together
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